What Makes an iOS App Successful

The AppStore opened on July 10, 2008. On July 11, 2008, Apple introduced the iPhone 3G. Owners of the new phone could choose from about 500 apps that were available in the store.

By 2017, the store had over 2 million apps available for download and purchase. Since the store opened, app developers have earned over fifty billion dollars.

Today, we live in a world that many people could only dream of as little as one hundred years ago. Computers are highly portable, have great connectivity yet don’t need to use any wires or cables and do all kinds of things that people find useful or entertaining such as allow them to watch TV shows, listen to the music, communicate with each other and more.

Apple shipped the first iPad on April 3, 2010. The first version of the iOS available on iPad was iOS 4. By now, Apple has successfully re-engineered the platform and most of the features that make a user experience easy and pleasant.

Before you start designing your own app, spend some time studying the iPhone and the iPad. Notice the details of how the apps work and pay attention to the logic behind them. These details and logic are a big part of the success of Apple and its apps. It is not just about writing codes or creating a beautiful design anymore.

There is a simple description for a successful iOS app. It is an app that does what people want it to do in a way that they find simple, easy and useful. After the app has done what a user wants, it is closed. It doesn’t annoy or distract the users.

At the most basic level, there are three things that you need to take care of when designing the app. They are the idea, coding, and organisation of the app.