The Best Free Tools for iOS Developers

As much as iOS web development is considered to be hard, it has one of the best resources. Right now, there are a lot of free tools that can make iOS web development easier. Below, we have sampled the 5 best free tools for iOS developers.

(i) Cocoa Controls

This is one of the best free tools every iOS developer should have. This tool is basically a directory website for the code of custom UI components that you can use in your new iOS app. With over 5,600 UI components for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS, from various open source communities, this is a tool that you can’t afford to lack.

(ii) XCode

If there’s a tool almost all iOS developers have, its XCode. This is an IDE from Apple that offers a variety of software development solutions developed by Apple. With XCode, it offers a world of possibilities. You can get resources for writing codes in the new language, Swift

iii) Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is more of Quora, only that it is specific. This platform is a Q&A service for programmers. On this platform, you can ask any question on programming language and you will get a response. However, it is important to first search for your query before posting as many of the issues people post have already been answered.

(iv) Hotfix Native iOS Apps

With this tool, iOS developers are able to convert their codes to native Objective-C apps instantly. This, otherwise, take a lot of time. This tool grants access to the app’s methods and patches these methods by allowing alert messages.

(v) Appylyzer

Another great tool is Applyzer which enables you to assess the performance of your app on iTunes. This tool comes in handy after uploading your app on iTunes. You can use data from this analysis to make improvements where possible.

Wrap Up

If you are a keen developer, you need to try these tools today and take your skills to the next level. After all, they are all free.