Getting Started with Developing an iOS App: Study Keywords

The way you should start developing your iOS app is very counterintuitive to many engineers and software developers. Most of them would have an idea and then rush to write codes for their new app.

If that’s what you do, you are likely to discover in the later stages that there are only a few people who will find your idea good. The worst case scenario will be when you are the only one who appreciates your idea. If this happens, you would end up spending a ton of time writing codes and developing an app that nobody is used or paid for.

For this reason, the right way to get started is to find out if there’s a demand for your app. The best apps solve practical problems that people have. They help their users accomplish something in an easy and meaningful way.

For this reason, before you start coding, spend some time learning about the problems and issues of your future users. Today, when a person has a problem, they are likely to visit one of the major search engine websites, type their problem in the “search” field and see what comes up. Most popular search websites are making information about the number of searches, related searches and other data about them, such as seasonality, available for free through their keyword research tools.

Use those tools to see if people are looking for what you think is a good idea. If nobody else has a problem that you believe exists, it is likely that nobody is going to buy your app.

Seasonality can also play an important role. For example, if your app has something to do with outdoor activities, then launching it right before the beginning of winter is probably not a good idea. Studying keywords will give you a lot of information you may not have considered initially when you had the idea for your iOS app.