5 Handy iOS Swift Libraries Every iOS Developer Should Have

Since its inception, Swift has grown exponentially. Out of every four iOS developers, three are using Swift. Swift is actually famous and popular, just like HTML. If you are writing a project, here are 5 great iOS libraries that will save you a lot of time that you’d otherwise have wasted in writing some components.

1. ObjectMapper

Writing apps that download data via APIs can be time-consuming. This is where ObjectMapper comes in handy. This iOS library can help you convert JSON to your model objects and model objects back into JSON instead of writing codes for mapping responses. It also supports nested objects.

2. SnapKit

If you are running late with your project, then SnapKit will help you move faster. SnapKit is an Auto-Layout iOS Swift library that helps developers design layouts faster. In particular, it minimises the amount of layout code required without compromising on readability. This library is also type-safe, meaning, it helps you avoid errors when writing codes.

3. Spring

If the design of your project requires a lot of animation, then Spring is the perfect library for this. This framework uses runtime attributes to help you develop animations in code or Storyboard. Right now, Spring supports several readymade animations, properties, and transitions.

4. Kingfisher

Kingfisher is another app that can help iOS developers in their projects by downloading and caching images downloaded from the web. Kingfisher is one efficient and time-saving library that downloads and caches images asynchronously. These images are cached in both the disk and memory, something that makes apps lightweight for better UX.

5. CoreStore

This is an iOS Swift library that acts as a lubricant in the core data. CoreStore provides type safety and seamless interaction between Swift and core data. Its API gives your app the best methods for smooth interaction with the database.

Wrap Up

These are not the only resourceful iOS Swift libraries. There are others like Alamofire, Quick, Eureka, RxSwift, and more which can make iOS Swift web development an easy task.