5 Great Tips for iOS Web Developers

iOS web development is quite hard compared to Android web development. This is primarily because iOS has a rather rigid framework. However, there are simple tips and tricks that can help you develop a great iOS app. Here are 5 great tips that you should focus on as an iOS developer.

1. Use Frameworks and Libraries

There are many iOS frameworks and libraries that can make your work easier. For example, with libraries like SnapKit and ObjectMapper can help you write codes faster. On the other hand, Spring and Kingfisher can help you with animations, downloading and caching of images respectively.

2. Minimise Horizontal Navigation

This is one way you can end up with a high-performance app with great usability. Here, it is important that you reduce the number of screens users have to go through in order to get the info they need. This is vital because, with fewer pages, there will be minimal redirects and loading and hence better UX.

3. Speed is Everything

At the end of the day, loading speed will be a major concern for your new app. It should be lightweight to ensure it loads faster for better usability. With this thought in mind, make sure that whatever you do, nothing should compromise on with loading speed. Always keep this in mind.

4. Emphasize on Lists

When building your app, use lists as much as possible. Lists help in saving and managing space as opposed to grids and icons. Besides saving space, lists appear neat and make navigation easier. They also load faster thus improving your app’s overall performance.

5. Test with an iPhone/iPad

Simulators, including the official Aspen Simulator, don’t emulate the actual behavior and response of iPhones and iPads. This ends up giving developers the wrong feedback. For this reason, use an iPhone or iPad in your tests to get conclusive feedback.

Wrap Up

Even though there are other important steps, these 5 tips will save you a lot of time. By following them, you can be sure of a high-performing, efficient and easy-to-use iOS app.