3 Skills Every iOS Developer Should Learn

There are several skills every web developer should be a master of. These are general skills like programming and mobile designing, however, there are some specific skills that depend on the type of web development in context. We are going to focus on iOS by looking at 3 important skills every aspiring iOS developer should learn.

(i) iOS Libraries

Apple has a rather rigid framework design, unlike Android. For this reason, developers need to be fully acquainted with all the iOS libraries, especially iOS 7, in order to develop apps that will work seamlessly on iPhones and iPads. These libraries cover aspects like audio-visual input (camera & microphone), MapKit, GameKit, CoreMotion and so on. It is only once you master the iOS framework that you will be able to thrive in the iOS web development.

(ii) Objective–C Language

This is a multipurpose programming language that is synonymous with iOS. Even though any good web developer might be conversant with this language, it may still present challenges. This is because Objective-C language is broken down into categories and subcategories. If one area is messed up, only a developer that understands Objective-C Language in detail can save the situation. Unlike in HTML, looking for the root cause of the problem will be very hard. However, with Swift taking over, it has become a lot easier, however, you need to keep up with its pace now that we have Swift 4.

(iii) Xcode 5

This is another fundamental aspect of iOS web development. It is similar to Objective-C Language in nature of complexity and deals with how applications interact with the main operating system. Just like Objective-C Language, Xcode 5 has categories and subcategories, for example, code editors, debugging tools, projects, Git, interface builder and so on. These categories are further broken down into subcategories.

Final Words

If you want to be a successful iOS developer, it is imperative that you practice these skills. Above all, make sure that you stay in touch with the latest developments as far as iOS web development is concerned.