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Welcome to the website about developing iOS apps. Apple shipped the first iPhone to the customers in June of 2007. The phone came with some native apps, such as Contacts, Maps, and Safari developed by Apple engineers.

At that point in time, only Apple was able to develop apps. Outside developers and their apps were not allowed on the platform. Steve Jobs and Apple finally allowed other software engineers to create apps for iOS, too.

Apple released the iPhone Software Development Kit in 2008. App Store opened in July of 2008. At this point, developers could create apps for iPhone only because iPad didn’t existed yet.

The App Store that opened in 2008 was very different from the App Store that you can see today. The number of apps were much less. Today, the store has millions of apps and has generated tens of billions of dollars for the developers because it has created a global marketplace for iOS apps.

With the App Store, you can sell your apps to people all over the world. You can have customers in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Argentina and many other countries. Geographical boundaries do not exist. People from all over the world will be able to find your app by looking for an app in the App Store. Apple itself is interested in the developers getting success and users of Apple products having a great user experience, which is why it provides developers with numerous tips and keeps refining the App Store search algorithms.

Game apps, casino app, business apps and many more

Nowadays there are an almost uncountable number of apps in the Appstore in multible languages. If you are thinking of deleveoping an app yourself, be sure to check if anybody else have thought of the idea. The likleyhood that some one has is great. Let’s talk aout some aps that have become big over the years:


If you travel a lot (or just sometime sometimes actually) you will probably have the benefit of Citymapper. The app so far only supports 29 cities around the world, but it is also some of the largest with including London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Berlin, Milan and Barcelona. In Citymapper, you seek travel routs between two goals, and get up not only the nearest car route but options like walking, cycling, bus/train and even taxi and Uber (including estimated prices). For walking and cycling, it calculates the time and calories burned instead.


Icloud Drive in all glory, but when we speak flexibility, Dropbox wins all times. Apple’s solution is locked to its own ecosystem which Dropbox is not.

With the app you can easily share photos, documents and other files to family, friends and colleagues who have the misfortune to sit with Android and Windows. The free version includes 2GB storage.

LeoVegas App

Gambling online have become immensly popular, and many casinos have developed apps to make it easier to play. Leovegas is one of them. But before you choose to download their app read this casino review Leovegas to be sure it is a good casino. Directly when you use the LeoVegas App you will notice how easy it is to find the various games and other elements of the page such as faqs or their account. On the front page you will see the different categories with games, and also some selected games in each category that LeoVegas recommends a little especially at the moment. If you want to play any of these then only one click is needed, while other games are accessed with two clicks. It is also easy to deposit and withdraw money, and LeoVegas offers many different options so that everyone can find one that fits. The same applies to his private account when you are logged in, where you can also see details of their active bonuses.